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Are you going on holiday, away on business, into Hospital or simply just have to be away from home?

  • We look after your pets when you're away...
  • Stop worrying, we've got it sorted...
  • Pet care that is cost effective
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  • We look after your pets when you're away...

    Providing specialist individual care for your pet(s) / other animals in their own environment; catering for every individual dietary, medicinal and exercise regime. Our Aunts love to build a rapport with both you and your pets, providing continuity - with your future holidays in mind.

  • Stop worrying, we've got it sorted...

    Enhanced security of your home and property because of the Aunt’s live-in presence (including clearing your tell-tale letter box of mail and papers daily).

  • Pet care that is cost effective

    A cost-effective way to provide experienced care for your pets / animals / livestock in your absence; but also providing specialist care and attention for your precious individual family pet.

If you have beloved pets,
who will care for them in the same manner you do?

We look after your pets when you're away...

Pet & Property Services Limited provide you with a unique service by supplying professional Animal Aunts (much more than just pet sitters or house sitters) who move into your home to care for your pets in your absence. Our reliable, professional and experienced Animal Aunts care for your beloved animals, in their own environment, and offer you peace of mind knowing that both the security of your home and the welfare of your pets are taken care of.

About Us

gerry small We provide Animal Aunts in New Zealand

Pet & Property Services Ltd, was created after Alice Oborn had travelled repeatedly to the U.K. to work for Animal Aunts U.K. - which was founded in 1987. Alice loved working for the agency, and was most impressed with the concept of specialised animal and home care - and security - offered to discerning clients by especially trained Aunts.

On returning to N.Z. Alice created her own Agency (separate to Animal Aunts U.K.) but she uses some of the highly experienced Aunts that, like herself, had trained and worked in the U.K.

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Why Our Aunts

  • All Aunts are vetted

    All Aunts are vetted

  • Love Animals

    Love Animals

  • Wide range of skills

    Wide range of skills

  • Very high requirement standard

    Very high requirement standard


Our Aunts

All Aunts are vetted carefully. New Aunts, after initial contact and discussions with the Agency, are sent relevant information and a registration form. This form provides full details and information about their background and suitability, their experience with animals, and four written referees for us to write to and chat with.
We not only ask each referee to confirm the applicants honesty / skills / integrity, but also ask about anything that may make the applicant unsuitable (drink, drugs, severe financial issues, former behaviour etc). All applicants must provide a Police check before they can be considered.

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From our clients...

  • Ange & Lexi

  • Sandy

    “We returned home to find an immaculate house and a very, very happy dog. I cannot think of anything else they could have done to make the service even better. They were very professional and caring."
  • Debbie

    “We love Alice! She has come back to us to look after our Schnauzer: Daisy, time & time again
  • Molly

    "Thank you, Alice. Your live-in Animal Aunts, who provide pet sitting & house sitting duties, as well as the many extra facets of complete care and love of our precious animals and our home – are superb!
  • Jeff

    “Peter and Colleen were fantastic. Excellent communication with us at all times; and the house was very neat and tidy. We came home to a very happy dog – so a five star rating!”

Stop worrying, we've got it sorted