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Our rates are based on the number and types of animals involved and the work necessary for their care in your absence.

Fees are split: 75% direct to the Aunt, and 25% to the Agency

The 25% Agency Fee is payable to Pet & Property Services Ltd in advance on making a booking and securing Animal Aunts. Our Bank details show on our Quotation and Booking Documents.

The 75% Aunt fee (plus travel and any additional expenses) are paid directly to your Animal Aunts by you at the end of the booking. The Aunt will provide an Invoice showing the breakdown.

If you wish your Animal Aunts to visit you prior to the booking, there is no fee charged for their time; but their travel costs must be paid.

Phone us on 0274 397 097 with details of your animals and requirements and we can give you an immediate quote.
You will be quoted a rate per day – this figure is calculated from the number, type and requirements of your animals and your home.

Other Costs:
The Animal Aunts travel expenses are paid by you and we aim to keep these at a minimum. There is a daily food allowance for the Aunt’s fresh food (food basics should be available for the Aunt to use) and this food allowance should be given to the Aunt at the commencement of the booking. The Aunt will account for the allowance used with receipts etc.

This fresh food allowance of $7 per day is left in cash at the beginning of the assignment – your Animal Aunts will provide receipts for money spent. It is not necessary to buy special food for your Aunts; but please let them know what food in the house they can and cannot use.

If there is someone else living in the property during the Aunt’s contract there will be an additional daily fee payable direct to the Aunt (see Condition 10 in Terms & Conditions). Animal Aunts are not qualified to care for children or adults where any nursing is required. Any human component must be discussed with the Agency specifically. If the Aunt is required to remain on the property 24 hours per day, there will be an additional daily fee payable directly to the Aunt in lieu of time off.

We recommend that Clients should always have normal house and contents insurance in force. Valuables should also always be insured against accidental damage. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions - particularly condition 3 for the Aunt. Our Aunts are insured under a group policy which covers them for most accidents whilst caring for your property.

The Aunt, and the Agency, are not liable for breakdown or damage due to normal wear and tear of your property or home. Please check that your household insurance does not become invalid if you are away for more than a specified number of days. Please check with your insurer that having an Animal Aunt will enable you to remain fully insured.