Jeff, Lyn & Tessa

“Josie was amazing!  The house was clean and tidy, the animals happy and fed perfectly, and the whole experience was seamless.  I really can’t say there was anything more we would have wanted.  Thanks so much for handpicking Josie for us.  I hope you can get her again for us.  We will try and give you heaps of notice before our next trip.  All the best for 2017!”


“I was very happy with our Aunts: Dacre & Shirley – they were a lovely couple who I did not hesitate to leave in charge of my pets and home. I came home to happy pets – they did not even sulk as they normally do because I had left them! I also came home to a clean, tidy home with the sheets already washed and on the line. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and would love them to come back again one day – perhaps for a little longer.

I hope they would feel they would like to come back here also. Where would we be without these services, as my pets would have hated being away from home and it would have been very hard for me to leave them. Now that I know about your services I am sure I will go away again, so thank you to all and for setting up such a service."


“Thanks to you and Chrissy, we really enjoyed our trip away. We were very satisfied with Chrissy’s service. Her cleaning and washing service was a surprise for us because we did not expect that. Thank you so much! We are planning a longer holiday next year and we are sure to ask for your service again."


“Peter and Colleen were fantastic. Excellent communication with us at all times; and the house was very neat and tidy. We came home to a very happy dog – so a five star rating!”


“We are very happy that Elizabeth & Graham came to look after Ned and Milly. The dogs liked them straight away which is always a good sign. I really don’t like leaving the dogs when we go away and Elizabeth and Graham were very understanding and not fazed by my many instructions! We got text updates on how the dogs were which is reassuring. When we got back the dogs were relaxed and happy and the house clean and tidy. We could not have asked for more – they were perfect Aunts. Thanks.”


Monday, 07 January 2019

Our Aunts looked after our home very well; we returned to find everything clean & tidy, well fed plants and a very happy Cat!  We returned home very late so they thoughtfully left a light on for us; and had closed up our home as requested and left the keys as planned.  They even washed their linen before leaving which was extremely helpful.


“We have, on several occasions, left our property in Alice’s care – in her capacity as an Animal Aunt – taking care of our extensive lifestyle block and all our animals. We have left our beloved cats and dogs, valuable beef stock, and also an extensive collection of rare and endangered birds in her care – with complete confidence. On our return we found our property to be in immaculate condition and all our instructions, with regard to animal welfare, followed to the letter.

It has been our pleasure to be able to leave for any length of time, confident that our animals and property would be given absolute love and care, as we would give ourselves. Alice seems to have no problem adapting to whatever the situation, in hand, requires of her. She has a calm, caring, confident manner that we totally admired. We have no hesitation in recommending Alice in any position or project requiring positivity, capability, and where complete trust is required.“


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Holly our dog had been walked several times a day and loved Keith, with no anxiety issues whilst he was here (she is actually very sensitive).  She actually misses him and wanted to go with him when he left..haha.  The Cats were also happy & well fed.  Our plants were watered & thriving when we returned.  This is especially good given the heat & lack of rain while we were away.  Our house was clean & tidy; just as we left it.

Overall this was a very positive, seamless experience.  Keith was responsive when I checked in on the fur babies and it was obvious they genuinely liked him.  It was so lovely not to have to worry; and to come home to a clean & tidy house.  We will look forward to having Keith back again in the future!


“Tazzy Is very happy, the house was immaculate – Penny had cleaned it to the highest standard (even better than my housekeeper does .. and that is pretty amazing)! She also weeded my flower garden and the vege garden is thriving; if it needed watering she obviously took care of that too. She had washed the sheets and towels and they were all on the line and dry when I arrived home. Plus dinner was in the fridge, ready to be heated! It was fantastic to have Penny back to look after my little man – I think they both enjoyed the experience. Certainly I was not sent to Coventry – which he would normally do to me if I go away even for the day – so he was happy. Many thanks for helping me out – especially at this time and with the earthquakes etc.”


Saturday, 13 October 2018

Your service is fabulous!  George followed Dacre around as though he was his new Master when we got home; our babies were in great condition and were very happy.  Dacre & Shirley always leave our home spotless, exactly as we like to leave it for them.  We absolutely love the little touches like teatowels being folded and some drawers even tidied; the hot water cupboard sorted out and flowers left on the bench.  Old food was thrown out of the fridge too!  It's like we can go away and our life for our pets continues as normal which gives us enormous peace of mind.  We also love that they (Aunts) carefully listen to and follow our special instructions for each pet.  Everything was just PERFECT.

Ange & Lexi

Your service was amazing right from the moment I made contact with you.  You were very efficient and professional throughout and I really appreciated your quick response - given the unrealistic time frame you had to work to (due to last minutes changes at my end).  Regarding the Aunt: Graeme was fantastic.  We came home to a very happy LEXI and the house was spotless.  I also liked how Graeme made contact with me immediately after confirming the booking; he put my mind at ease about leaving LEXI and our home in his capable hands.

I will definitely be using your services again - only next time I will give you more notice!  Thanks again.



“We love Alice! She has come back to us to look after our Schnauzer: Daisy, time & time again (as well as our beloved old Miniature Schnauzer some years back); and she is the most perfect Animal Aunt we could have. Daisy adores her and is always impeccably looked after, loved, walked, fed & stroked to perfection! The house is always looked after to the highest standard and there is always something delicious to greet us in the oven when we return.

Since meeting Alice many years ago, we have had 2 little boys, who love her as much as the dog does and she even lends a hand with them whilst we are faffing about with packing and unpacking! We only wish Alice lived here all year round as we miss her when she is gone. Debbie” 

Gilly and Stan

“Well, what can I say?  Your Aunts are absolute angels in disguise!  Our animals were quite obviously very contented, healthy, happy and relaxed and were quite at home with their Aunts and I suspect sad to see them leave.  The house was immaculate when we returned and even the laundry had been done – we were completely astonished as that was well over and above the call of duty and certainly way beyond our expectations.  Linda and Jim are a delightful couple.   Linda and Jim were kind enough to stay in touch and even email some photos of their adventures.

AND .. if all that was not enough they cared for the garden, even dead-heading roses etc.  Truly amazing people and wait, there’s more!  It would seem that Linda had very crowded bed as she shared it with little Chanelle, Chablis and one of the cats!  Quite obviously Linda and Jim were totally accepted as surrogate Mum & Dad!  Our sincere thanks for the services your organisation provides; your personal attention throughout the whole process means we had great peace of mind.  Sincerely Gilly & Stan” 


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Keith did a fabulous job with Gracie & Dougal and looked after my place well too.  Everything was left as it should be so a job well done!  Keith was a very quiet and unassuming fellow and my fur babies loved him.  You run an excellent service, Alice, and have wonderful people working for you.  Thanks again for being there when I needed you as I don't often trust my babies to anyone!  I am moving to Christchurch and look forward to using your Aunts once settled there; as I notice your company covers N.Z.  Thanks again for the professional & wonderful service.

Margaret & Tony

Sunday, 07 October 2018

We were very happy with Graeme looking after our house and so was Cocoa - our Cat!  He must have spoiled her rotten - letting her on his lap because she expected the same from me on my return - not forthcoming when I am busy.

The house was lovely and tidy, eveything in it's place  - which made my life easy.  Please pass on our thanks again to Graeme.