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Anne K

Saturday, 01 April 2023

Graeme was great & the house clean and tidy. Jake was very happy but is sulking now because his buddy has gone! Hoping he is available next time we travel. Thanks so much.


“We have, on several occasions, left our property in Alice’s care – in her capacity as an Animal Aunt – taking care of our extensive lifestyle block and all our animals. We have left our beloved cats and dogs, valuable beef stock, and also an extensive collection of rare and endangered birds in her care – with complete confidence. On our return we found our property to be in immaculate condition and all our instructions, with regard to animal welfare, followed to the letter.

It has been our pleasure to be able to leave for any length of time, confident that our animals and property would be given absolute love and care, as we would give ourselves. Alice seems to have no problem adapting to whatever the situation, in hand, requires of her. She has a calm, caring, confident manner that we totally admired. We have no hesitation in recommending Alice in any position or project requiring positivity, capability, and where complete trust is required.“

Doug A

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Jim & Linda did their usual wonderful job looking after the boys (dogs) and the house.  We did have a slight hiccup with Enzo but Jim and Linda acted promptly and appropriately by taking him to the late night vet clinic.  It would appear to be a slight muscle tear, which has happened once previously.  We so appreciate your wonderful services and the fabulous caring Aunts.

Kerry & Simon

Colleen & Peter are so friendly and personable and they did a fabulous job of caring for our precious animals who were happy and healthy on our return.  The house was clean, tidy and secure.  On the day we arrived home, Colleen had made us a delicious lasagne for our dinner - so thoughtful and appreciated.  Many thanks.

Lynda B

Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Our Aunt was amazing - what an awesome service you offer.  5 star!  Our Aunt even made us dinner.  Thank you again.


Wednesday, 01 March 2023

Wendee & Ken were fabulous - we can not praise them enough.  All our animals were well and very happy on our return.  Wendee even did home baking for us and left everything better than I had left it.  Would continue to have them as Aunts in a heartbeat.

Diane G

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Very pleased to have Bernie look after our Charly.  The house was immaculate and he had even swept the path after that awful storm.  I particularly appreciated Bernie staying the extra day & night when we could not get home on time.  It was particularly worrying being 37,000 feet up and the pilot turning the plane back to Australia because of the bad weather and we could not do anything about it.  Your promptness in organising the extended cover was much appreciated.  We would love to have Bernie return and would recommend him to anyone.  He is a man of few words but a genuinely nice and very caring Animal Aunt.


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Holly our dog had been walked several times a day and loved Keith, with no anxiety issues whilst he was here (she is actually very sensitive).  She actually misses him and wanted to go with him when he left..haha.  The Cats were also happy & well fed.  Our plants were watered & thriving when we returned.  This is especially good given the heat & lack of rain while we were away.  Our house was clean & tidy; just as we left it.

Overall this was a very positive, seamless experience.  Keith was responsive when I checked in on the fur babies and it was obvious they genuinely liked him.  It was so lovely not to have to worry; and to come home to a clean & tidy house.  We will look forward to having Keith back again in the future!

Lee-Ann W

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Thanks to you both - sharing the time during our job to care for our precious Pip.  Your efficient handover part way through, to Bill was so appreciated.  Both you and Bill were faced with having to deal with Cyclone Gabrielle, but you made us feel like everything was under control at our house.  Your gentle care & understanding of our precious elderly Pip is appreciated the most and this enabled us to go away without too much worry.  Even though she is elderly and has the odd toilet accident, you make it feel like it is not an imposition for which we are very grateful.  Our house is in as good, if not better, condition than how we left it.  Thanks so much.

Lynette M

Saturday, 01 April 2023

Poppy did not even miss us!  Our Aunt took such good care of her, and we loved getting daily updates and pictures which showed how happy Poppy was.  It was a worry free time away, and we will definitely use your wonderful services again.  Thank you so much.


Jim & Linda were great again!  Dogs and chickens so well cared for.  We came home to a cooked quiche, clean & tidy house, and Linda had also done washing that I had left which was a wonderful surprise.  Very happy that we have them as Animal Aunts - would recommend them to all.  Thanks again

Doug & Adrienne

Jim and Linda looked after Zac & Rafa so well; we could not have been happier with the care and attention they applied to both the dogs and our house.  We were apprehensive about going away for so long but it was an easy decision to ask them to look after our boys whilst we were in Europe.  We have told them how much we valued their services.

Karyn H

Saturday, 01 April 2023

Very happy when I got home - everything was amazing.  Fur-babies very happy and Graeme was great - even brough some washing in for me!

Lee-Ann W

Thursday, 01 December 2022

You had set a very high bar with regards to looking after Pip previously, but I am happy to say that Sandra was wonderful too.  She provided us with pupdates during our trip and when we came home, Pip was happy and our home was clean and tidy.  Thanks again.


Saturday, 13 October 2018

Your service is fabulous!  George followed Dacre around as though he was his new Master when we got home; our babies were in great condition and were very happy.  Dacre & Shirley always leave our home spotless, exactly as we like to leave it for them.  We absolutely love the little touches like teatowels being folded and some drawers even tidied; the hot water cupboard sorted out and flowers left on the bench.  Old food was thrown out of the fridge too!  It's like we can go away and our life for our pets continues as normal which gives us enormous peace of mind.  We also love that they (Aunts) carefully listen to and follow our special instructions for each pet.  Everything was just PERFECT.